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Electric Bicycle & Tricycle Guidance


We have decades of committed cycling experience behind us and almost a decade of experience working with electric bicycles and tricycles. We wouldn't dream of telling our customers which electric bicycle to purchase, but here, we hope, is some useful general guidance.

Do you require an electric folding bicycle?
The folding facility allows storage inside a property or easy internal transport by car, train, motorhome or caravan.
Notes: Folding Electric Bicycles tend to be light in weight. They tend not to be feature packed and their smaller wheels mean the ride quality is not quite as good as that of a larger wheel bicycle.
Electric Folding models to consider:

  • Lynx - Great value - 20 inch wheels - Rack and mudguards
  • Puma - More compact than the Lynx with just 16 inch wheels
  • UM26 - Front motor - Hub gears
  • Fast4Ward Edge - Stylish - No mudguards - Seven gears

Do you require an electric bicycle with a unisex frame?
A unisex frame has no cross bar. This enables easier mounting and dismounting of the bicycle.
Notes: These are the most popular type of electric bicycles and we have a great range on offer. Sometimes they are referred to as "step through" frames.
Unisex frame models to consider:

  • Milan 2 - Inexpensive - Lead acid battery & Steel Frame so slightly heavier - Good rack and mudguards
  • Windsor LPX - Great Value - Fully featured
  • Fast4Ward Ride - Stylish and practical
  • X-6 Step Through - Innovative - Stylish and practical
  • A2B Hybrid 26 - Unusual design - Not the lowest step through frame
  • UM44 Step Through - Traditional style - Fully featured.
  • UM55 - Slightly smaller wheels - Suits the slightly shorter rider

Do you require an electric tricycle?
Tricycles allow the rider to remain mounted even when the tricycle is stationary.
Notes: Without doubt the least popular type of electric powered transport, electric tricycles are generally heavier than people expect and although stable if ridden with caution they are certainly not immune from becoming unstable!
Tricycles are not alternatives to 4mph and 8mph mobility scooters which we also offer! 
Electric Tricycles to consider (usually we only offer one or two models):

  • E-Tricycle - Heavy - Stable when ridden correctly and attentively - Large carrying capacity - The ride need not put their foot down!

Do you require an electric bicycle with a cross bar?
Frames that have cross bars tend to be stiffer and offer a more sporting ride.
Notes: Often preferred by younger and more athletic riders. Not so suited to those with limited agility.
Electric bicycles with crossbars to consider: 

  • Salisbury LPX - Great value - Fully featured
  • UM44S - Premium model - Fully featured
  • UM36SX - Off road appearance - Limited mudguards
  • X-6 - Stylish - Unusual battery keeps the bike short in length
  • X-24 - Stylish  - 24 gears - Unusual battery keeps the bike short in length

Do you require a light weight electric bicycle?
Light weight electric bicycles are both easier to ride and maneuver and easier to load and unload from cars and motorhomes, especially for the smaller rider.
Notes: Today most electric bicycles are quite light and even the Milan 2 is a good deal lighter than similar models of just a few years ago.
Electric bicycles we suggest you DO NOT consider are:

  • Any Tricycle - These are always heavier due to their extra wheel and structure.

Do you desire an electric bicycle with a rugged look?
Its a matter of personal preference and intended use. 
Notes: Often slightly heavier and not as practical as other models. None are designed for rough off road use.
Rugged looking electric bicycles we suggest you consider are:

Note: The comments given here are general and do not constitute advice or guidance for a specific buyer, rider or purchase.

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